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Provide the most comprehensive educational series on the market for your student-athletes.


Supportive ED’s Student-Athlete Readiness Series (STARS) provides your student-athletes (as well as parents/guardians) with important information regarding: 

  • Academics 
  • Eligibility 
  • Mental Wellness
  • Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) 
  • Planning 
  • Recruiting 

This series will generate more awareness of the pathway to college athletics participation  for your student-athletes. Each session is delivered by a member of our faculty of content experts, having decades of experience supporting student-athletes at the high school and college levels. This series offers the following monthly online webinars that are also recorded and offered On-Demand: 

Eligibility and Readiness Requirements for College Bound Student-Athletes (Live Webinar) Informs student-athletes about the NCAA and NAIA, college eligibility rules, academic expectations/requirements, and first year challenges at the college level. This session also offers an eligibility preparation plan for high school student-athletes.
College Recruiting for High School Student Athletes (Live Webinar) Provides your student-athletes with a thorough understanding of the opportunities to compete at the NAIA and NCAA Division I, II, III levels through discussions about the recruiting process, timeline, what attracts college coaches, and gauging coaches level of interest. This session also offers a recruiting preparation plan for high school student-athletes.
Staying Locked In: A Focus on Mental-Wellness (Live Webinar) Keeps your student-athletes focused and centered (both inside and outside the competitive environment) by learning about key mental wellness factors and strategies experienced by college and Olympic level athletes.
Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) and its impact on Student-Athletes (Coming Soon!) Informs student-athletes on all the important aspects of “Name, Image and Likeness” (NIL), including its impact on high school and college athletics, NCAA interim NIL policy, and state laws that govern its permissible use.
Direct Academic Coach Online Support (Platform Hours) Provides direct access to certified schoolteachers and school counselors that provide 24/7 online support to your student athletes so they can achieve academically in and out of their competitive seasons.

About Our Faculty:

Kelly Bradley is our College Eligibility Content Director has over 20 years experience managing student academic and eligibility concerns with the University of Florida Athletics Association.She has worked directly with student-athletes that are expected to stay academically eligible because their specific sport regularly competes for both SEC and NCAA Championship titles. She understands the commitment and effort it takes for student-athletes to achieve academically while being focused on performing at the highest level in their respective sports.

Steve Schafer is our Recruiting Content Director. Steve has over 20 years of college coaching, administration, and recruiting experience at the college level. He is well versed on every stage of the recruiting process and is currently active in helping high school student-athletes find opportunities to extend their playing careers at colleges that fit both their academic and competitive profiles.

Dr. Matt Seitz is our Mental-Wellness Content Director is a Psychologist, who received his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Florida. Matt has over 10-years of experience working with NCAA and Olympic level athletes to improve their mental health and sports performance. His approach focuses on assisting student-athletes with understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy psychological balance within the competitive and non-competitive landscapes.

Lynda Tealer is our NIL CONTRIBUTOR. Lynda is currently the Deputy Athletics Director at the University of Florida Athletics Association. She has worked within the university and conference office levels of college athletics for over 28 years. During this time, she has supported and helped evolve college athletics through her Senior Executive and Athletic Association Board Member positions. She currently serves on the following NCAA Committees: Chair of the NCAA Council NIL Working Group, Chair of the NCAA Division I Council, NCAA Division I Board of Directors, NCAA Board of Governors.


Please contact us today at [email protected] or (877) 873-5403 ext. 700 to learn more about our Student Athlete Readiness Series.